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Safety first

In order to enjoy your Airgym AirTracks for many years we made a set of rules based on our experience and feedback from our clients which should be respected:

  • The Airgym AirTrack set up should only be done by authorized or competent persons.
  • Always check the surface, it must be clean, dry and even. When outside always use ground sheet under the AirTrack.
  • To move use the handles on each side (HP 20, HP 33), never drag the Air Track.
  • There should always be an appropriate accompaniament to the track side if it is in use.
  • Don't use the AirTrack in damp spaces.
  • Don't use the AirTrack in the rain.
  • Don't store the AirTrack dirty or wet.
  • Do not use the AirTrack with shoes.
  • If using a manometer (pressure gauge) during inflation, be sure to remove the manometer while the Air track is in use.
  • Place safety matting at the ends of the AirTrack.
  • Once using the track there should be a mat for landing, this can be connected by the velcro closure which will avoid also the small space created by the round shape of the AirTrack.