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We offer a 2 years warranty* on manufacture failures!
Why?.... Top historical references tell us we do not have to fear the future!

The standard sizes of the Airtracks Pro Silent - 33cm are controlled by the independent and official inspection agency AIB-Vincotte.
AIB – Vincotte declares that the standard sizes of our Airtracks
Pro Silent - 33cm meets the guidelines EN-14960. For these standard sizes we have a certificate of approval issued by AIB – Vincotte Nederland B.V., appointed to this end by Ministerial Order of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports with reference Nr: GZB/C&o/2162178. For more detailed information you can always contact us.

Together with our European suppliers we work out in laboratories intensive tests. With a focus on improvements and competition we stay ahead. These frequent tests forces us to innovate non stop for the best results concerning quality, performance and safety.

One of our main goals is to create a solid partnerships with the best European suppliers, concerning this we are the exclusive partner of Heytex GmbH Germany. The raw materials provided by Heytex are REACH compliant.

* Transport costs are not covered by the warranty policy.